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Delivering Energy as a Service for Allied London

By Lee Rhodes

Delivering Energy as a Service for Allied London

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Working with a leading commercial real estate developer on sustainability and energy.

Allied London’s portfolio includes the Spinningfields estate in Manchester and the development of the Spinningfields commercial district in Manchester City Centre.

Open Green Energy have worked collaboratively across the Allied London portfolio with ALL+ Management team to deliver an ongoing sustainability and energy strategy.

We undertook consultation and planning process on the building portfolio, which includes Bonded Warehouse and the ABC Building (both in Manchester). Transparent collaboration and integration were key in identifying end goals and offering continuous support.

To underpin the outlined strategy, we rolled out the G.R.E.T.A software to enable real-time energy monitoring and carbon emissions reporting. This provided Allied with continuous communication every step of the way.

Real-time reporting is delivered through Allied London’s personalised data management dashboard, which manages the living data and sustainability strategy of the asset portfolio.
Energy is continually optimised with the help of these services.

Our optimisation process allowed us to undertake a robust, transparent tender process to procure £2.5 million of green electricity and gas.

Allied London are helping to lead the way in the built environment with comprehensive future-ready planning and sustainable decision-making. This process outlines the sustainable benefits of ‘energy as a service’ in the commercial sector.


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