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We use an energy as a service model to offer a cycle of services that clarify the complex and can easily integrate with any business, no matter where you are on your sustainability journey.

Sustainability Strategy & Planning

Data-driven, future-ready planning to map out your sustainability journey.

We can help you create a unique energy and sustainability strategy that meets your business objectives whilst working towards national and global targets.

Key Processes

  • Analyse
  • Audit
  • Risk and Governance
  • Planning

Data & Analytics Software

Our G.R.E.T.A software underpins all of our services and uses data analytics and machine learning to track your carbon and energy data and pinpoint where your emissions are coming from. Real-time reporting on your living data gives you a transparent view of your outputs and buildings so that you can make more sustainable decisions.

Key Processes

  • Onboarding and Integration
  • Reporting
  • Sustainable Outcomes Review

Energy Infrastructure & Optimisation

We use our energy expertise to devise strategies that will optimise your energy infrastructure and costs. Our data-led approach helps you get the best green value from your business.

Key Processes

  • Infrastructure Review
  • Optimisation Planning
  • Install Project Management
  • Mobilisation

Green Energy Procurement

We work with you to create long-term green energy procurement plans for your business, informed by extensive market research. We will be on hand to offer continuous support and reporting on how the market is changing, to ensure that your strategy is future-ready.

Key Processes

  • Initiate
  • Research
  • Implementation

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